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  NEFISCO - Netherlands Fisheries Consultancy, established in 1995, is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam. Its major objective is to support the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture in developing countries by providing professional services in fisheries, aquaculture, training and research.
NEFISCO expertise covers fisheries, aquaculture, environment, socio-economics, rural development, Improvement of fisheries datan collection and statistics, Integrated coastal zone management, project management, Fisheries Information Systems, Geographical Information Systems, decision support modelling, research and research planning, development of training material, Development of communication strategies and plans..

NEFISCO consultants have co-operated in a number of projects in Ghana (fish stock assessment and training), Kenya (aquaculture and training) Uganda (planning national research for fisheries and aquaculture), Vietnam (aquaculture and fisheries master planning, planning of integrated coastal management, shrimp farming development), Burkina Faso (fisheries development in small-scale water bodies), Bangladesh (Compartmentalisation Pilot Project, Third Fisheries Project, Khulna Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project, Meghna Estuary Study and EGIS-II, Delta Development Project, Char Development and Settlement Project, Integrated Coastal Zone Management), Rumania (Danube Delta Biosphere), Ukraine (Environmental Management of the Lower Danube Delta Lakes) and Fisheries data collection and statistics

Nefisco consultants

Dr. G.J. de Graaf-Inland and marine fisheries, aquaculture (

Mr. R. Crul-Management of information and knowledge in fisheries (

Mrs. L. Lyklema-Development of audio visual training material (

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