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Floods Fish and Fishermen


Gertjan de Graaf, Bram Born, AM Kamal Uddin & Felix Marttin

Floodplain fisheries are a major aquatic common property resource in Bangladesh. However, the modification of the floodplains into croplands and the increasing number of people who were fishing the remaining waters seriously endangered this valuable ecosystem. During the Flood Action Plan in the early '90s a number of studies were carried out which examined the impact of water management on fisheries.The Compartmentalisation Pilot Project or FAP 20 is a water management project implemented from 1991 until 2000 and was financed by the Governments of Bangladesh, the Netherlands and Germany. Fisheries were a major component of the project and were thoroughly monitored from 1992-2000 The major results were presented in a final report (CPP, 2000) but it was felt that the results obtaiCover of Floods, Fish and Fishermenned and
experiences gained on fisheries in the CPP project went beyond the original scope of the program for CPP. Some of them are of importance for inland fisheries in Bangladesh and tropical floodplain fisheries in general and were not covered in the final report. This book presents more detailed information on the different methods applied, results obtained and insight gained on floodplain fisheries in Bangladesh.
The book presents the results of a number of analytical fisheries methods such as: habitat stratified fisheries monitoring, the use of Geographical Information Systems in fisheries, surplus production modeling and length-based fish stock assessment. These methods are not commonly used in Bangladesh. Therefore the book should be of interest to fisheries scientists, students and policy planners involved with floodplain fisheries management and poverty alleviation.

Gertjan de Graaf is a fisheries biologist and worked the last 20 years in tropical aquaculture and fisheries Since the early '90s he has worked in a number of fisheries projects in Bangladesh. In 1992 he became the fisheries advisor of CPP, set up and supervised the program until the end in 2000. At present he is senior
fisheries consultant with NEFISCO Foundation in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and continues to work on fisheries in Bangladesh.

Bram Born is a fisheries biologist. He joined the project in 1994. From 1996 till 1998 he worked for FAO on culture based fisheries systems and inland fishery enhancement. Presently he is working as fisheries biologist at the Charles Darwin Research Station on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

A.M. Kamal Uddin is a fisheries biologist and joined CPP from 1992 till 1996. At present he is fisheries advisor with the Center of Natural Resource Studies (CNRS) in Bangladesh.

Felix Marttin is a fisheries biologist who joined CPP in 1998 till the end of the project in 2000. He is currently working at FAO headquarters in Rome on inland fisheries enhancements

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